North Atlantic Timepieces Inc AKA Top shelf Timepieces AKA Steve Ferraro AKA Top S

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North Atlantic Timepieces Inc AKA Top Shelf Timepieces AKA Steve Ferraro Is a Scam Artist he was a repuatable dealer and during the height of the recession he scammed me out of a few watches he is operating under a new name North Atlantic Timepieces.

A thief is a thief

just google Steve Ferraro Scam Artist and you will See what Kind of crook he is

he doesn't provide a contact email or phone number does not post under his name he has been banned from watchnet, Timezone and Polygon

we are in a recession please be careful

he scams people pays you pennies on the dollar then opens a new corporation

On the patek he claims was stolen he did not have a serial number movement number or any photos of the watches.

Review about: Patek Phillippe Watch.

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